A multi-award winning agency

We have been involved with organising corporate events for over 25 years.

The business has of course changed over time reflecting our changing brands and the needs of our clients. With The Corporate Ski Company continuing to expand its winter events portfolio and our non-ski events business now consolidated under the brand, Vantage Point International, we believe that we continue to deliver seamless, exciting and innovative programmes that provide excellent return on investment.

But the key question is why do our clients work with us year after year?

We know our business and continually invest in expanding our knowledge base.

We have efficient, responsive and flexible administration.

We take personal responsibility for each and every project.

But perhaps more important than all of these is the fact that our team work hard to provide the level of service you expect, responding to your needs in a timely and friendly manner, and taking responsibility to ensure that your event is a success – our team have been the secret of our success and always will be.